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The Lake Catholic Mathematics Department provides our students with a challenging curriculum during their four years of high school. The state of Ohio requires all students to take four years of math, and at minimum completing Algebra 2 by the end of their senior year. At Lake Catholic, students are given the option to take college-ready courses or advanced courses. Students meeting our requirements are given the opportunity to take courses that not only prepare them for college, but also gives them college credit.

Tutoring Opportunities

The Mathematics Department provides tutoring services for students on a weekly basis. Every Monday and Wednesday, a member of the department is available to help students after school in the Media Center.

Out-of-Classroom Experiences

Every year, a group of students have the opportunity to visit Cedar Point and Disney World to further their understanding of mathematics. These trips are designed to show the students the connection between what is learned in class and how it applies in the real world. These educational programs involve math, science, art, and leadership pulling students from Calculus, Pre-Calculus, AP Art, and student government.

Robotics Club

The Robotics Club is part of the RoboBots high school combat robotics program. Each high school partners with a local company and builds a 15-pound combat robot. The partner company provide the financial assistance and mentorship to the high school students during the six-month build process. Lake Catholic has partnered with Fredon in Mentor and meets with the team once a week over those six months.

Math Department

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